Identity is more than a Password

Password self-service, single sign-on, password management, remote access - discover how you can make the most of your identity with LogonBox, cloud identity management.

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Do more with Identity

LogonBox brings the most important parts of identity management under one cloud-hosted solution, providing a flexible, affordable, solution, all without the installation headache, so you can start benefiting right away.

Password Self Service

Empower end users to manage their own identity; reset passwords, unlock accounts, across multiple systems all from a single place, whether on-site or off, without any IT intervention or helpdesk calls.

User Management

Enable admins to manage identities across multiple systems all from a single interface; create users, manage groups, link accounts to a single identity, all under a single, unified view.

Single Sign-On

Enable end users to login to all their webapps automatically with a single set of credentials; auto-login with one click from the web-browser, never share credentials again.

Manage Passwords

Manage passwords without IT intervention, LogonBox provides complete self-service password reset and account unlock capabilities of on-premise and cloud systems. Reset passwords, manage and unlock accounts, across multiple systems. Secure identities with multifactor authentication, gain insight into expiring passwords, expired and locked accounts.

Manage Users

Manage user across the organisation with LogonBox’s user management capabilities. Create users and groups across a multitude of directories including Active Directory, Linux, Google Apps all from a single interface. Link accounts across multiple systems, assign templates for automated account creation and disable or delete accounts upon deprovision.

Password-less Login

Login to webapps without keying in any password, LogonBox enables end users to access cloud or on-premise webapps with just a single click of a button. Use roles and fine-grained permissions to decide who has access to which applications. With support for SAML single sign-on there’s no need to pass authentication credentials with third party applications.